Murphy Oil Site Update

In early July 2016 we informed you that the Zoning Administrator had ruled AGAINST Freeport McMoRan Oil and Gas’s (FMOG’s) proposal to install a CEB 800 natural gas burning flare to burn 400,000 cubic feet of gas per day at the Murphy Drill Site at 2126 W Adams Blvd.
But FMOG has now filed an appeal to try to overturn the decision.
Here are the basics about what has happened:
The Zoning Adminsitrator’s Ruling Against FMOG
The ZA agreed with the concerns and objections raised by hundreds of neighbors, the local UNNC Neighborhood Council, and City Council President Herb Wesson.

  • In strong language, ZA Charles Rausch ruled that installation of a flare would constitute “an industrial use” that does not belong in a “residential zone.”
  • Mr. Rausch further argued that this project would require environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) if it were to be approved. However, since it is rejected there is no reason for more review.
  • Finally, in his conclusion, Mr Rausch declared “this proposal [to install a flare] is not in the interests of the public’s health, welfare, and safety.”

FMOG’s Appeal
FMOG filed their appeal of this decision on July 14, 2016. They wish to reverse the decision to allow installation of the flare and evade environmental review under CEQA.
The appeal will be heard by the South Los Angeles Area Planning Commission (APC), possibly in late August, more likely in September. The South Los Angeles APC must provide at least 24 days advance public notice before the hearing date.
UNNC will notify residents when the appeal date is announced.
UNNC will discuss the appeal at its upcoming meetings in August. Please attend to learn more and lend your voice to this important issue for our community.
Planning and Zoning Committee, Wednesday, August 3, 7PM at the South Seas House, 2301 25th St (corner of Arlington).
Governing Board, Thursday, August 4, 6:30PM, at the CD10 Field Office, 1819 S Western Ave (enter from Manhattan Pl).

Image from Google Maps