UNNC Receives EmpowerLA Award for South

On Thursday, March 30th United Neighborhoods was presented with the EmpowerLA Award for Neighborhood Councils in the South Area.

The United Neighborhoods Neighborhood Council has a long standing history of being a prime example of how successful Neighborhood Councils can be for their communities.  The UNNC board is reflective of the extremely diverse community they serve, and they are very successful in their planning and land use issues for their historic communities. We are recognizing the United Neighborhoods Neighborhood Council for being a leading force along with the Office of City Council President Wesson to hold major oil companies accountable for their negative effects on their community.  This consistent work has lead to the City of Los Angeles hiring the first Petroleum Administrator the City has had in over 60 years.

A special thanks to all UNNC board members, committees and YOU...our stakeholders. In particular, Steve Peckman and Michael Salman who provided extensive research which greatly aided our efforts.