UNNC Thanks You For A Great 2015

2015 Christmas photo

Your Neighborhood Council, United Neighborhoods, would like to thank all of the committed stakeholders for the amazing amount of work that was accomplished in our neighborhoods this year:

  •     Funding start up Block Clubs
  •     Our first Public Safety Fair
  •     Helping support the Jefferson Park Branch Library
  •     Holding our 2nd Annual Native Plant Seminar
  •     Movies in the Park
  •     10th Annual CD10 Winter Wonderland
  •     Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Grant
  •     Street Clean Ups
  •     3rd Annual "A Kid's Holiday"
  •     Taking on the Oil Companies
  •     Planning & Zoning and Land Use Issues
  •     $1 Million Funding grant for renovations of Leslie Shaw Park in Jefferson Park
  •     Tackling Community Impact Statements

This is but just a short list of the many things that happened with the help of so many people.

We'd like to ask those that can to contribute to "Homes for Heroes." Too many of our heroes have their greatest challenge here at home and are living on the streets of Los Angeles. With a simple $25 donation, you can play a pivotal role in getting a veteran into a place called home.

From our family to yours...Have a fantastic Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year.

Your United Neighborhoods Neighborhood Council Board